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Our company participated in the 18th China International Hi - Tech Fair

Add Time:2017/8/3 11:18:04

After the expert leadership of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and the Guangdong Academy of rigorous selection and on-the-spot investigation, our company was invited to attend the eighteenth session of China international hi tech Fair (the fair), since the fair held for the first time since 1999, has been successfully held 17 sessions, is a set of scientific and technological achievements trading, product exhibition, forum project investment, cooperation and exchange in one of the Chinese high-tech area of the largest and the most effective and most influential brand event, "Chinese first exhibition of science and technology," said. This fair on November 16, 2016 -21 days held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center, our company in the fair can be said to be fruitful, there are more than 20 well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions, more than 80 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, more than 200 customers from all over the world to our company project products to our company and the company have a detailed understanding of the booth. Both sides said that the next step for further cooperation. The company to my surprise, my company in the exhibition based on IOT technology new energy electric vehicle charging management system based on intelligent detection, cloud services and networking technology for battery state evaluation and management system, DC system insulation device calibrator, DC system to run electric note alarm device 4 the product of the project won the fair the excellent product award, which is the full recognition of our company and recognition, but also for the company's encouragement, our next step will be to the fair as an opportunity to seize this fair theme of "innovation driven, quality leading, developing high-tech products more and better.

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